How To Be More Attractive to Women

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Be confident

how to be more attractive to women

Even if you are not very confident about yourself, it is important that you believe in your own ability and try to stand up for yourself. This way others will see you as more credible and take you more seriously.

If you want people to trust you, you have to show them that you know what you’re talking about and that you can handle things. If they don’t trust you, then they won’t let you help them or go anywhere with you.

Being confident comes in many different forms — but making other people feel comfortable around you is one of the main ways you can be more attractive. You can make someone feel comfortable by showing them that you understand them and their opinions.

Be firm

how to be more attractive to women

It’s impossible to be more attractive to women if you don’t know how to be firm. If you have a job where you get up every morning and go to work, you need to learn to be firm.

You can’t be more attractive to men if you don’t even know how to stand or talk to them. You’ll come off as arrogant or nervous.

There are way too many good-looking people in this world who aren’t confident. The average person has around five things they could improve to make them feel better about themselves.

It’s hard to achieve confidence when we haven’t got any skills or sense of accomplishment. To build self-confidence, you’ve gotta do something. Put your skills to use by doing something with those skills.

Become proficient at something you enjoy. Build confidence by accomplishing small goals along the way.

Consider what matters most to you and then focus on achieving those goals. For example, if communication is a strength of yours, focus on being a great listener, and speak only when you have to.

If YOU are the one who needs to be changed to become less insecure, that will show others through your actions just how secure you really are.

Do not look over your shoulder

how to be more attractive to women

Looking into a mirror is a good idea, but you can’t always tell how someone looks back. A lot of times we don’t pay attention to our body language, or we focus more on our face, which is also what people see when they look at us.

When we are with others, it becomes even harder to know if they like us for who we really are. You should never assume that just because someone has said something nice about you, that they actually do like you.

People are very good at hiding their true feelings. If she says she likes you, check in again later to make sure she still feels the same way. It’s easy to get caught up in social media influences as well. People show off their most attractive features for everyone to see.

Speak slowly and clearly

how to be more attractive to women

Most men think that way more attractive people are better at talking than others, so they feel like they have to go talk to you or whatever you’re doing. But it’s not really your speaking skills that make you appealing; it’s how much you believe in what you’re saying and how comfortable you seem on stage.

Most men don’t relate very well to women who speak quickly and easily, as if they were handling words and sentences along with their daily coffee. They may come across as nervous or uncomfortable when they are actually quiet and confident.

But there’s a right way and a wrong way to speak. The correct way is to be yourself, and the only person you need to worry about being comes straight from the inside out.

You want other people to trust you and like you? Then show them that you can be more calm and relaxed when you want to (but know how to control this) and say things without thinking too hard.

Make eye contact

how to be more attractive to women

Making eye contact with someone is about more than just saying “hello” or establishing a connection through glance.

Making eyes contact for longer than two seconds can help you feel comfortable and start a conversation – this way, they will be aware of your presence and notice when you join in their conversation.

If you make eye contact and smile, they will know you are friendly and want to talk to them. If you don’t make eye contact, they may think you are weird or not interested.

Try making eye contact, then looking away quickly or keeping your gaze lowered so that you do not appear too excited or engaged. Then try again! You should always keep trying to hold people’s attention by doing what you have to do to get close to them and by making eye contact.

It also helps to look at each person individually and choose where to place your focus depending on who you are talking to. This individualization makes the person feel good and creates an atmosphere of trust which is important for building relationships.

Actively listen

how to be more attractive to women

It’s hard to be vulnerable and open up to someone if you don’t know they are going to hear you, understand you, and care about what you have to say. Listening is one of the most important things people do when they interact with each other.

However, many people think it’s scary or difficult to pay attention and listen to another person talking.

It isn’t! It just takes practice.

There are several ways you can make listening to someone without speaking easier for you. You can tell stories or explain how that way of thinking made you feel.

You can acknowledge what the person said by nodding your head or saying “uh-hmm” or “yes”. This shows that you were paying attention.

How to respond when the person speaks to you? Respond appropriately. Don’t ignore them because they didn’t ask a question. And don’t keep trying to get them to talk if they did not start the conversation.

Let them finish before making your response. Then, let them know you was listening.

If you want to show others that you are willing to listen, then you must also learn how to observe. Observation is an element of listening.

You can use your observation skills in two ways — noticing details and taking notes.

Notice all the details you see as

Do not look at her

how to be more attractive to women

When you are talking with someone, don’t stare at their face or body language. It makes them feel uncomfortable. They will think that you aren’t interested in what they have to say and they will leave you alone.

When you are having a conversation, keep your eyes fixed on the person you are speaking with. Avoid looking down at the floor, around people, or staring into another room.

Women find it hard to trust men who constantly scan their environments, making them feel like they are not being listened to or understood. This can make women avoid you.

Also when you are chatting with a woman, try not to do any of these things. It is very annoying for a woman to be stared at all the time.

She feels like she isn’t getting enough attention but she doesn’t know why. She just knows that she doesn’t want anyone doing this.

Make her think

how to be more attractive to women

It’s hard to believe, but most men don’t make the effort to attract women. You have to work harder at it than most guys who get lots of action.

The problem is that most guys go about attraction the wrong way. They try to “ impress” the woman they are talking to by showing off their bodies or trying to act cool and bad-ass.

But how effective can this be when you are talking to someone as high status as a girl? High status girls know what they want and they do not take much shit from anyone.

If you want to change that takeout some self awareness. Don’t worry about looks so much; people like people for different reasons. If you’re smart then others will realize that you are nice too which people might find interesting.

Put yourself in her shoes before asking her out. Is your goal to meet her or get laid? A lot of men focus on looking good all the time without thinking about why she wants to date them.

Be authentic

how to be more attractive to women

Authenticity is what makes you unique, interesting, and likable. If you think about it, very few people are completely honest and true to who they really are.

Everyone is always trying to put on an act – saying one thing while thinking another. People never tell the truth; they just want others to believe that “act” is their name.

Being real takes work, but once you start being more real, everything else will fall into place. Being real doesn’t mean that you are easygoing or weak, it means that you are you and that you love yourself.

If you can be real and happy with who you are, everyone will take notice. You are going to have fun, experience joy, and find value in your life.

So how do you get back to the root of who you truly are? Here are some tips for getting back to where you were before: