how to use the Bonking site

 how to use the Bonking site
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How To Create a Bonking fan page


This is what your followers will come back to time after time. A good story always wins out, so create a story that’s important to you and the people around you.

It can be funny or sad, personal or political, relationship-oriented or career-focused. Tell your stories through your lens using narrative language, YouTube videos, written pages, art supplies, etc.

Share copies of posts with friends and family for extra believability. You can also promote these stories via social media channels.

Your fans will buy more content if they think their favorite character knows them well. Moreover, you need to put effort into gaining new followers because they won’t follow you just because you have many tweets.

Become best known for your stories and comments as much as you can. Then when other creators ask who they should follow, your name will spring to mind.

Buy a ticket


Head over to to create your fan page in their event community. They’ll give you directions on participating once you join, with rules listed in their terms of service.

Once inside the community, you can interact with other members by posting status updates or tweets. You may also have to upload a profile photo for them (this will take until after you purchase your subscription).

You will need to put down money upfront so that they have enough tickets available for people like themselves. After buying your entry, they’ll send you instructions about how to use the site.

Share a screenshot of your Bonking Fan account

how to use a onlyfans site

Now that you have signed up, you will want to start sharing screenshots of what it is like to be someone in your world. This way people can follow along with you and see what you are doing.

You can either choose to put your own headshot or yourself inside the shot instead. There are many different ways to go about this!

Share your profile


Once you sign up, you will be able to share your Bonking profile with your friends and other people with access to your email account. You can choose to have this feature disabled at any time.

By sharing her profile, she shares all of his details (name, username, image, stats) along with her subscription. He will also receive an invitation to subscribe to only fans, depending on what he shares.

It’s important to note that anyone who receives an invite for their details has permission to like your pages and posts until such time as they update their privacy settings.

Anyone who likes a post or page that invites them to subscribe is doing so because they want to read your content and not because they are soliciting subscriptions. The number one reason people give for using a fan site is because they feel compelled to do so.

The more publically available content you produce, the easier it becomes to advertise yourself. More traffic means more opportunities to promote your work and business.

Your Facebook profile is no different.

There are two ways to go about promoting your content. You can opt to try becoming a verified user on Facebook. This might cost you money in order to purchase ads, but it allows you to reach out to users directly instead of relying solely on advertising.

You can also become a member of LinkedIn if you don’t already have an account. There are many professional connections you

Share your content

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Once you’ve joined onlyfans, you can start spreading the word about shows or other items you have available. There are many ways to do this!

You can share links to posts on your official website under “add a show” then select which platforms you prefer people to access them on. You can also share screenshots of your episodes/shows on bonking screensaver sites such as fullscreen world and foteright.

And lastly, you can share photos and videos from your episodes directly onto bonking social media pages.

This way more people will find out about your work and maybe even watch some of your content!

Make friends

how to use a onlyfans site

First thing first, you’ll have to make some fans!

You can do this several ways:

Like/follow they’re very easy to find other people who like them, and it helps your stats go up. You can also add them to your friend list for easier finding.

Add comments to posts or photos that are directed at onlyfans, mention their name, tag them in messages, etc.  

Get found by looking through their page and seeing what they have going on. People enjoy sharing things they love with others, so if there’s an event you could contribute something

Join discussions (chat rooms) where people talk about them. Add value to the conversation by being polite and honest.

Make sure you don’t over-communicate – e.g. don’t send numerous daily notifications asking viewers to follow you. It can turn off potential followers.

Make videos

health 3

You can make any kind of video you want on YouTube, but also known as Vimeo or Dailymotion. However, there are many more websites that let you do videos for free, like Veoh, Movie Poster Club, Myspace Video, and WeVideo amongst others.

These sites give you a safe place to put up your videos so people can comment and increase their viewership. Many of them offer subscription features such as email and social media marketing.

By having a long-running video that gets much attention, people will come back to see it again and again. This is how viewers keep watching your content over and over!

So what makes these videos special? They’re live streams from someone’s own camera. The person who uploaded the video is right now viewing this page (unless they’re reading an article instead). Usually those clips are cut together by software in a fun way, making it seem like the viewer is part of a show or event.

People love sharing live streaming videos because they feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves.

Make art

how to use a onlyfans site

You are only one person with your thoughts and dreams. To make anything happen you need to share those ideas and visions with the world.

The great thing about online forums like Facebook, Twitter, or even Reddit is that there’s almost always a group of people who feel the same way as you. They can also be an interesting audience if you wish.

But producing high-quality work takes more than just posting your artwork online. You have to produce quality work to attract clients, donations, or sales.

To get better at drawing, looking through books for inspiration, going to museums/galleries, you have to create opportunities to show your work.

There are several ways to do this, it depends on what things you have access to. If you live near New York City, go to SoHo Gallery night on Sunday nights. There are usually many local artists showing their stuff.

If you live closer to nature (in a nice area), put up signs saying “art walk” during daylight hours and evening.

People will come to see your work after they learn about the event via social media. It helps raise awareness so others may attend too.

Things such as galleries, events, classes, meetups – any way we can to bring attention to ourselves and what we love to do is important.

It creates interest, lets us shine, and brings in business. Business

Donate to them


There’s one thing you can do that is really easy; visit their homepage, click on the tip button in the top right corner, and then check out.

Donations are totally free, so don’t let your donations cost you money. It also helps educate others on how to give back to the community, spread the word as well as getting this done for other people.

All amounts are appreciated. If someone wants to help you out more, that’s great! They will probably be willing to take responsibility for doing some of these things.

Nobody needs help up to this point – helping yourself is part of what makes us human. However, we all need assistance at some point in life.

If given the opportunity, would you volunteer your time to assist in any way with fundraising, social media management, writing posts, or any of the other tasks that go into running a successful charity? Can you work flexible hours and still manage your daily duties and homework? Probation is a chance to show your ability to contribute and continue working on your goals.

To ask questions or find out more about what they offer, just contact them. You can also read reviews by previous volunteers here if there’s been an activity you were interested in, but remember that not every organisation is going to have reviewers.

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