Some Ways To Make Women Feel Sexy

 Some Ways To Make Women Feel Sexy
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Some Ways To Make Women Feel Sexy

Touch her body

some ways to make women feel sexy

She wants to be touched by you, not someone else. When you walk up behind her, grab her waist from behind with both of your hands. Then, lean down and give her a light touch on the back of her arm or shoulder.

Don’t go too low – she might think you are trying to tickle her! Go slowly as she may start laughing and let you do it.

If you can wait until you are in private, try rubbing her shoulders or walking your fingers along her arms. These things show that you care about what she is saying and how she is feeling.

When you are talking to her, make eye contact. Don’t look at the floor, pull out your phone, or play with your hair. The more time you spend looking at her, the better.

Make sure you are comfortable with this kind of touching. If you two have been dancing all night then there is a good chance she likes being touched.

Speak to her in a sexy voice

some ways to make women feel sexy

Most women like to be told they are beautiful. In fact, research shows that 90% of women agree with this statement.

How you talk to your partner is important. If you speak harshly to them or use angry language, it will come across as less romantic.

But how can you make your woman feel more loved and confident if you don’t love her? It all has to do with the way you talk to her.

If you remember these few things when talking to a lady, you’ll win every time!

Never say “you look fat.” Never say this to your girlfriend, wife, mother, friend or anyone else for that matter.

This was actually laid out in a study by researchers. They had men watch a video of people commenting on others’ appearances.

Some comments were made in private and some were made in public. The scientists found that when people heard comments they thought were intended to hurt them, they felt offended and insecure.

They wanted to lose confidence and appear smaller. So avoid saying anything about your partner’s appearance that could put her on a bad note. Such remarks can even cause her physical pain.

Say hello. Kiss her. Tell her you missed seeing her today. Don’t take her for granted.

Give her sexy lingerie

some ways to make women feel sexy

It’s hard to make a woman feel sexy when she feels like you are trying to control her through force or power. Most men don’t understand that women can want sex but not necessarily enjoy it because they fear rejection or hurting their partner.

Women love men who know how to treat them with respect. They also love men who will take responsibility for their part in sexual intimacy, be vocal about wanting sex, and plan romantic encounters.

Men need to realize that some of the greatest pleasures in a man’s life come from his ability to give himself over to pleasure. A man should expect that planning a seduction is going to be fun and enjoyable for him.

A man should also recognize that any time he takes someone into bed specifically to have sex, it’s a gift that shows how much he cares for this person.

The best way to create an intimate atmosphere is to work together using communication and touch. Start with physical contact and then move onto verbal conversation.

It’s okay to use your hands – there’s no right way or wrong way; just trust yourself that you are being genuine.

Give her oral sex

some ways to make women feel sexy

Oral sex is when a man performs cunnilingus on his female partner. The woman will lie back while he eats her out, then uses his mouth or hands to stimulate her clitoris. She can also be on top during oral sex, in which she directs the pace and rhythm of the kissing as well as the amount of pressure used by either of them.

Many women have sexual fantasies about being given oral sex. It is a way for a man to show sensitivity to her desires and want to give her pleasure.

However, many men do not know how to perform oral sex on women. If your girlfriend does not like going down on you, this may be a sign that something isn’t feeling right for her.

You should try giving her oral sex as a surprise move to see if she likes it. If she doesn’t, don’t worry about trying again. You just need to find another way to satisfy each other.

Get her hair done

some ways to make women feel sexy

She said that she likes it when men pay attention to her hair. So if you want to turn her on, then you need to get her hair something special.

You can do her hair in a ponytail, but instead of just letting her be, why not bring out your tools and create a hairstyle for her? Then you can use more elaborate tools like bobby pins or hair ties to keep her hair together.

If you think she looks cute with her hair down, then don’t forget to pull up your shirt once in awhile. If you feel comfortable doing so, maybe try throwing some curls onto her hair for fun.

She probably doesn’t know you’re trying to make her look sexy, but if you give her the impression that you find her attractive, then this will help take your relationship to the next level.

Buy her flowers

some ways to make women feel sexy

There’s a reason that men get flowers before they kiss, say goodbye with flowers, or take someone out for dinner on a date. It starts the conversation off on a nice note.

If you can, spend your own money on something pretty. Or, have them pick it out if they are too nervous to buy their own.

It also helps keep the focus on love and not sex. You want this to be about her, not how many times she has done it with other guys.

Anyways, buying her gifts of food is very popular these days. They just like receiving gifts generally speaking. So, go with what people like and try to improve upon it.

Gifts are things that tell others that you care. Even simple gestures are worth making and trying. Find a way to make a gesture every day (few gestures each day).

For example, give me a hug and a smile, then walk up and talk to me. Don’t worry about having anything particular to say; just be genuine and sincere. This will speak louder than words almost every time.

Also, don’t forget to listen more than you talk. People feel heard and valued when they are being listened to.

It gives them sense of importance and value. When we feel our opinions matter, we feel better about ourselves.

Do fun activities with her

some ways to make women feel sexy

A lot of men make the mistake of trying to “ pick up ” women. They think that if they are having enough sex to keep her around, then she must want it too.

This doesn’t work and can backfire. Let your partner know that you want them by doing things together; go out and have some fun!

If something goes wrong and you feel like your relationship is not working, try seeing a therapist or family counselor to talk through your issues. It may sound strange, but talking about what you feel may help you solve your problems.

Tell her you love her

some ways to make women feel sexy

It’s easy to forget that you can make a difference in your relationship by telling her how much you care about she herself, instead of focusing on sex or pleasing her.

Your woman wants to feel like you respect them, and that they matter. By trying not to change anything about yourself for her, she will be impressed by your strength and confidence.

She has to trust you more than anyone else because there is no history of her being taken advantage of. In fact, if there is any hint of her having been hurt before, you should try to put off any physical contact until it has healed.

If you want to have a healthy sexual relationship, keep letting her know you still need her opinion and input into things. She will start to rely on you more as time goes on.

Look her in the eyes

some ways to make women feel sexy

When you are talking to your girlfriend, make sure that you look at her eye to eye. Keep moving so she gets the sense that you’re looking at her all the time.

Also, don’t fidget or play with your clothes; just be still. She will feel more comfortable and sexy because you aren’t acting nervous or uncomfortable.

When you are giving her a kiss, don’t focus on mouth nor tongue. Focus on the lips totally.

Focus on how much you love her and not anyone else. That way, she will know that you really only want her.

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