What Can You Upload to Bonking.com

 What Can You Upload to Bonking.com
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You can add images and videos on your feed, host live streaming sessions to show off your talent in real-time and also publish your premium content privately via direct messages, or in a paid post in the event you have a no-cost Bonking.com account. It is essentially uploading the content to Bonking.com. This could be a video or a photo (or the set of pictures) or anything else that is suitable. Verify that this is the one you’re looking for before you upload it.

After uploading the files you want to upload You can then set the price that you would like to charge. Bonking.com is a subscription website where content creators earn money from their users in exchange for work. It can be done through an pay-per-view model or tips, or money sent monthly to them via subscription. First, it’s straightforward.

Bonking.com… It’s Not Just Naughty


The creators we speak to produce pornographic content which is the majority of content that is available on the platform. It is important to take into consideration the fact that if you’re looking doing, that’s sexual work that has many of the same issues you will encounter in the adult world. Upload a cover photo that’s related to the content you’ll add to your feed. However take note that no nakedness is allowed in your banner and display image. Every creator is verified before uploading any content to Bonking.com and all uploaded content is scrutinized by automated systems as well as moderators who are human.

Similar to Instagram as well as Facebook, Bonking.com has a “story” feature where you can upload pictures or videos that will only be visible for a specified amount of time. If you are selling digital goods, make sure you place them in specific document folders to ensure that you can upload them quickly and distribute them to customers once they’ve received an order through the menu of tips. While this isn’t an issue for users who are using a desktop uploading files to Bonking.com via their mobile but this could be a problem for mobile users. If “FILETYPE not allowed” is displayed, it’s likely due to the fact that the image you’re uploading is uppercase.

It is also possible to let your followers know when you update and if you are posting regularly or regularly, you can include words such as “daily uploads” or “new content” which is added every week on your profile. If your price per month is prohibitive, this approach can only be successful when the content you upload is a lot of fun and of high-quality. When your live stream is over you can then make it a normal-sized video in case you have fans who did not catch the live stream, they’ll be able to catch up afterward. Once you’ve selected your platforms, you’ll be able to make your latest content promotion available every time you upload a new video on the Bonking.com page. Bonking.com page.

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